Privacy and Cookies Policy

We only use two kinds of “cookies”:

1) Google Analytics
2) LocalStorage

These are used EXCLUSIVELY to improve the user experience. No data is given to third party. No data is used for ads. We don’t use marketing cookies.

Google Analytics: statistics cookies
You can read the details about Google Analytics Privacy here:
But please consider that we aren’t using ads, so we won’t use your data for “Ad Personalisation”.
We are only interested in knowing how many users visit our pages and from which countries, so that we can provide a better service and a better offer of products.
We don’t collect data about your age, gender, nationality, interests, and so on.
When we collect data about behavior, it is generic and not connected to you personally.
Put otherwise: we completely respect your privacy.

Local Storage: preference cookies
In our pages we may use “Local Storage”.
Local Storage means that we can save an information in your browser. We never collect that data.
Why do we do save information in your browser? We do it ONLY to improve your experience.
A perfect example of that is our webcomic:
The first time you visit the page, you see banners explaining how the page works.
The second time you visit the page you don’t want to see them anymore.
In order to do that, we save this information in your browser: “you already have been here!”.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@speaxel.