Der, Die or Das Spiel?

The German Articles were a torture for every student of the German language.
Not anymore!
Play and learn the correct article for the most important German words!

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Rockets 01  Rockets 01

Rockets 03




Concept and Game Design
Alessio F. Bona

Alessio F. Bona

Art and Graphics
Alessio F. Bona

Ömer Süalp

Music and Sound
Leo Auri

Design Consultant
Simone Piccinini

GUI System


Special Thanks to:

Selina Baldauf
Pierre Mouraud
Joe Chen
Federico Bombardier
Alexandru Mares
Tobias Wehrum
Christiaan Janssen
Johanna Janiszewski
Oktay Tuncer
Karolina Andrade
Наталия Олейник