▪ WHAT ?

Speaxel is a Game Development Project focused on Language Learning.
It has been bootstrapped by Tutor Linguistico (also The German Tutor).
We just published our first game: Der Die Das Rockets!
You can follow Speaxel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or write us at hello@speaxel and we will keep you updated.

▪ WHO ?

Alessio F. Bona

Polyglot, Language Coach, Game Developer

The founder of this project loves languages, can’t stop learning, enjoys playing games and adores to develop new things.
In the first person: in the last three years I have developed some small apps and games for some of my students, to help them learning German.
It was so much fun for me and them and it also proved to be so effective, that I decided it was time to invest more resources in game development.
I want to contribute to a future where more people will speak more languages and where games will be highly considered in education.